Internal and External Recruitment Team

March 14, 2017 Adriyana Solu 0 Comments


India is a growing hub for multinational companies in Asia, and now the myriad of global brands are starting their business operations in this country. Recently, the Indian government also announced the support for medium level and start-up companies. In a recent report in Economic Times, various sectors will see robust hiring in India. The sectors like telecom, banking, finance, and insurance will increase the rate of employability. These recent changes have amplified the demand for the human resource in all the level of the hierarchy. The high requirements of the competent and skilled workforce enhanced the role of recruitment agencies.

The immediate demands of human resource from start-ups to multinational companies in India are estimated to grow manifold. The HR department of these companies will not be able to fulfil the staffing requirement. The placement consultants will fulfil this gap between supply and demand. These agencies have a great team of experts, which can fulfil the precise staffing requirements of the companies. As a key player in the recruitment process, the placement consultants have contributed significantly so far, but in coming future, they will cover the entire spectrum of the staffing process. In the current scenario, the companies have their in-house recruitment cells for fresh recruitment and other placements, but for senior staffing, they rely on the executive search firms.
The future of recruitment activity in India highly depends on placement consultants. The focused approach of these placement consultancies towards skilled staffing enhanced the retainability of employees and thus won the faith of companies.