Expectations of Employer from Recruitment Agency

March 01, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Recruitment Agencies make the work of companies easier by filling up the vacant job positions with a desired and skilled employee. Top recruitment agencies have their databases from which they filter the resumes of the finest employees, according to the designation and expertise requirement. But these are the minimalistic necessities that an agency can fulfill. Today, employers expect to receive information related to each and every step of the recruitment process.
Recruitment agencies in India should run in-depth background checks on the employment history of a potential candidate and communicate it to the employer. It helps the employer in gauging the talent and work pattern of the employee. If the candidate has proficiency other than those required for the job requirement, agencies must pass on that data to the employer. Companies can put that additional talent to some use in the development of the business. Other than searching a competent candidate, recruitment agencies must provide a candidate with higher retainability. A highly retainable candidate acts as an asset for a company and works for the growth of business

in the long run.
If you ask entrepreneurs of repute industrialist- what they think about doing business in India, chances are that they would tell you it is a great opportunity to always spread their tentacles. As a part fact the government of India encourage through a lot of plan like MakeInIndia, StartupIndia, doing business in another clime exposes you to learn a great deal that might be useful to you in the nearest future.Recruitment Agencies should update the employers about every minute detail like candidates professional attitude, work approach, salary expectation, etc. Every selected candidate’s aptitude level is entirely different. Therefore, employers should be well-informed about the capability of recruited candidate so that they could provide the right kind of training to make him/her job ready. The communication between recruitment agencies and employers should be crystal clear to maintain a quality recruiting process.