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Responsibility of Placement Consultant

December 13, 2016 Adriyana Solu 0 Comments

Among the various recruitment agency, Adriyan solutions is one of well reputed placemnet consultants in Delhi. Having more than 100 thousands candidate's resume for multiple industry like IT, tourism, auto sector and other manufactureing units. We have own client contracts to supply manpower to these industries either on as permanent and temporary staffing solution.

Placement team
A recruitment agency also works for corporate training, payroll management, executive search and hr outsourcing as a third party hr and recruitment agency. Primarily an recruitment consultants are responsible for advertising current opening(behalf of empolyer) and attracting suitable job seeker and matching their profile to temporary or permanent positions with need one empolyer. They work as Hr team to fulfill the recruitment need and building strong business relationships in order to gain a long term corporate relation.