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Outsourceing of Hr service to third party recruitment firm

December 09, 2016 Adriyana Solu 0 Comments

Placement Consultant Service

To work as a member of executive search firms, is a possible way of excellent opportunity in two way - one is you'll get great career and another is you'll be able to help some one to get great dream job. Normally, it is striving way of monthly targets and there may be also disappointments.It is an exciting career opportunity for you since you are helping a candidate and doing that you will rewarded by your clients in terms of money. 

All most business owners are seeking to improve their business and you can present your services with the opportunity to reach their business goal, through the excellent recruitment process by recruiting an appropriate and excellent candidate. Taking the time to thoroughly research and analysis, the businesses you plan to target in this time span and will ensure your credibility to approve your skill as a adept recruitment professional.

Executive Search Firm
You should have proper understanding of candidate's  role for the opening that you have for him, requirements of empolyer and candidate achievements. Reach the point on- why the candidate stand out as someone you have taken the time to work with your client company. If you don’?t have a thorough appreciation of your candidate, the market and the targeted client then wont take the call.

New passed out candidates or jobseekers tend to share information freely with a career consultant as they look upto them for advice. All most placement consultants have a list of opening position (for thier clients) about the employment trend in their respective industry and also have multiple options for candidates not only for within the same industry but also across industries as well. Recruitment Companies have own hiring team, would have limited awareness of potential opportunities for a candidate except for within their own firm. Job seekers share details that in the normal way they would not share with a company(who has the open position actually) simply because the candidate tends to feel that it may go against their candidature. For example, genuine reasons for leaving a job, information on actual salary status and appraisals records etc are information that are carefully avoided from potential employers. All information is measured and disclosed keeping the sentiments and expectations of the potential employer in their industry.