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Career Advice for Freshers

January 27, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

 Are you ready to start your career as fresher?

Fresh seems an appealing word only if is not used while applying for a job. Considering the increasing number of fresh graduates each year, getting a job as a fresher is the most arduous task. So before applying for a job, a seeker should follow these career guidelines to increase the probability of getting hired.
Career Training

Before to attend interview for job as fresher in your desired stream, you should make sure to know enough about the company and for those companies you are willing to work in. To do this, go through the history and the present position of the company by online or visiting personally as well. It is suggested to know company reviews, it will help you to understand them and make you more confident about company profile.

It All Starts With Your Resume
The employer can’t judge your efficiency in one meeting; it’s your resume that provides a window. So the first step of career building for a fresher is to prepare a mistake proof resume. Don’t add anything that you can’t explain, especially hobbies. Try to become honest with the description while applying for a fresher job. Customize your resume as per the company’s philosophy and the required skills; it will enhance your chances of selection.

Improve Your Telephonic Conversations
There are some recruitment drives where the screening process starts with a telephonic interview. So be very gentle and polite during the conversation. Remember, only your voice and communication skills are representing you over a conversation on the telephone.

Be Punctual and Maintain Professionalism
The most valuable career advice is to maintain professionalism and be punctual. You will have ample opportunity of learning if you are a team player and shows respect to your senior colleagues.

Establish a Good Network

You will understand the advantages of better network later in your career as it helps in getting new opportunities or any work-related help. Keep in touch with your existing colleagues and the people who have left the company.