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Governement Planning to Change Current Maternity Leave Act for Women

November 22, 2016 Adriyana Solu 0 Comments

Women employ

Government planning to encourage women employment, in this way related correspondence body is planning to change current maternity leave 12 weeks to 26 weeks. It will helps to protect women’s employment, after necessary amendment in current maternity benefits act 1961, every woman employee will get full salary and other benefits while she is absent due to maternity leave from her work. A female employee will be able to utilise this benefit for up to two surviving children. This maternity leave act tabled and passed successfully in upper house of the Indian parliament and in Lok Sabha (lower house of Indian parliament) remains to pass.
The woman employee must inform or discuss about maternity leave with her job manager. It is important for this discussion to take place sufficiently far in advance it will help to manage as a temporary staff to manage her professional duties. She'll have to submit an official application for maternity leave to the HR department it will help to enable proper administrative processing for your leave.
The maternity leave application must be taken during before and after childbirth up to maximum 12 weeks. The expected due date is of importance in determining when the maternity leave starts. The employee must therefore submit a statement of a doctor or obstetrician that indicates this date together with her application.